Need Consultant and Programmer

I am looking for a programmer who can consult and program a strategy for use
in various trading venues including retail and then professional firm.

Hello David:

Please tell me more about what you are interested in finding. Is it a programmer fluent in a specific coding language or a strategy developer with experience in testing and validation?


Andrew Danik

Hi Andrew,
I am looking for someone who can help me code a strategy for testing and use in a retail venue at first such as Ninja or Tradestation. Then once that this is complete and successful, there will be a second stage development which will probably include programming to an API at a professional firm. Right now I am looking for the first stage.

Please check your private messages.

Hi Chase, I’m the owner of It’s built on TradeStation technology. We also do institutional level financial technology consulting on a global scale. My developers are ready for your project. Best, Matt.

Hi Chaseitict, I write easylanguage code from Tradestation since more than 10 years, I developed about 20 profitable trading systems and automated them through a connection with an API to a range of brokers. Very flexible and reliable. I also do consulting work, very specific, personal approach, result oriented. Can I be of help? Regards, Daniel

Hi Daniel,
How can I contact you to speak?

mail first to : Thanks.

Hello, I am a expert NinjaTrader programmer…I have been doing software development for 8 years, have a computer science and engineering degree…love to program and love the financial markets. I have made several of my own algos including the “Crude Algo” that I am hosting on this site. Let me know if I can be of any help…thanks

Hi Brian, can you talk? my skype name is daniel.devos

sorry, just saw this…are you still looking for a programmer?