New: Auto Stop Loss for AutoTraders

Just a quick announcement that we’ve turned on a new feature: “Auto Stop Loss.” This feature allows Gen3 AutoTraders to specify a dollar-amount stop loss that will be automatically placed on a position-by-position basis. You can set different stop loss amounts for each system you are AutoTrading.

Example of how it works: For System X, you can set a $500 stop loss for each position that the system opens. This means that, independent of whatever the system itself does – regardless of whether it uses stops or not – and regardless of how many shares or contracts are in the position, your account will always have an automated stop loss in place such that the per-position loss is capped at approximately $500.

The feature is new, and in beta test. As always, we appreciate feedback. We particularly appreciate really positive feedback telling us how fabulous we all are, but any feedback will do.

You can access the feature at the “Modify/Setup AutoTrade” screen, reachable via the AUTOTRADE menu up above. Let us know what you think.

This sounds like a great new feature, thanks MK.


Will this have any affect on synchronisation?


It works fine with AutoSynchronization. Using C2’s auto stop loss feature will not break AutoSync or affect it in any way.