Stop-loss on systems


I don’t know if this has been discussed before, or if it’s already available for Gen2 or Gen3 autotrading.

It would be nice if subscribers were able to set a stop-loss on a system itself. For example, I could subscribe to a system and set a stop-loss at 15%, so that if the system were to suffer a drawdown of 15%, it would automatically stop being autotraded and an e-mail alert would be sent to me, or something along those lines. This would be the equivalent of a trailing stop. There could also be an absolute stop, so that if my allocated account value (according to C2’s calculations) were to go below a specified amount, the same would happen.

Not that it’s hard to keep track of it oneself, and it should be done anyway, but it would be nice to have an added layer of security, especially on more volatile/risky systems. It shouldn’t be too hard to implement, either.


Cheers :slight_smile:

Not currently implemented, but something we intend to add during the next major upgrade.