New Grid temporarily offline

I’ve taken down the new beta version of The Grid in order to address some of the problems pointed out by users. It will be back online shortly (hopefully!)

it also seemed, when I clicked on the magnifier above the APD heading, and did something like >= 0.33, NO systems appeared…


When you first pull the new grid up what is the criteria for the order the systems are ranked, on the first version it seemed to be ann. return but now that’s not the case, it’s possibly popularity now, can you confirm?

And can you confirm the criteria for the red risk bar, is this taken from drawdown or from APD again as it was in the old grid and system finder as ‘low risk per trade’?


The default sorting is now done by “popularity.” I figured there were several possible ways to rank systems, but that I was unlikely to decide which of the displayed columns on the Grid is the perfect metric. So instead we’ll let the wisdom of crowds decide (that is, until the user re-sorts according to his own preferences.)

Regarding your other question: I’ve been thinking of re-naming the “Risk” column to something a bit more descriptive… perhaps “Hidden Risk” or “Iceberg Risk.” The column attempts to capture the “iceberg risk” of the system – that is, the risk that is not immediately visible but rather lurks below the surface of the system’s results. It is calculated by adding two numbers together: the risk of 20% account loss (calculated via C2’s Monte Carlo simulation) and the “Average Per Trade Drawdown” stat (as a percentage of account value).

And finally, I should state the obvious: that the new beta version of The Grid is back online.

That sounds like an interesting idea. Nothing against APD as a statistic in it’s own right but I thought too much emphasis was being placed on it when it was being used as the sole criteria defining risk (low risk per trade) in both The Grid and System Finder as it seemed to eliminate the majority of systems some of which had otherwise perfectly reasonable stats like Sharpe or Drawdown. Using different indicators or even a combination of indicators will allow a different take on things and this seems a good first stab at that.

Matthew - Is there a way to download Grid results to a spreadsheet. I tried doing a copy/paste but the end result was not pretty.


Steve - Matthew might have a better way, but if you right-click in the cell you want to paste into (where you want the top-left corner of your pasted data to be), then select “Paste Special”, click “Unicode Text”, then click “OK” button, you should see the data nicely grouped into rows. The column titles will all be in one column, so there’s still a few minutes of moving those around to get it tidy, but at least the data comes through OK.

Hope this helps,


There is no simple way to do this, but this is one of those features that has been requested repeatedly for a long time – and which I have always intended to get to… as soon as I finish one last project… and yet I never quite get to it.

I’ll see what I can do.

Popularity is not an accurate way of sorting systems… for instance- just think of Kingdom Capital Covered Fund- this would have come up on the 1st page of grid (it doesn’t now becasue it has been killed and has negative equity)–

Would Gilbert’s system been worthy of the front page of the grid?

My opinion- it should be on merits- maybe have the little boxes you can check off, or base it on risk/reward, or whatever you feel is best…

-as long as it on “perfomance”.