Grid updates

Sortino Ratio’ and ‘Calmar Ratio’ stats added to The Grid.

Columns ‘#Winners’ and ‘#Losers’ are now hidden by default.


Well done!

I’m afraid there is an issue with age field: no data shown


Thank you very much for spotting it.


Was there a change in the requirement for the number of trades needed to be included in the grid? There are systems with as few as 1 trade on it, which renders the results meaningless.

I believe the old requirement was at least 6 closed trades. Why was it changed?


Hi, Jim:

Yes, in the new version of the Grid, we show all active systems. If you find these results meaningless, you can quickly filter out systems that have a Number of Trades below whatever threshold you want.

That seems fair, and will stop new system developers from posting the usual “my brand new system is not on the Grid” comments. Good systems will not be affected by this change.

Can we add the C2 Score back into The Grid?


It will need to be redeveloped, so, not so easy, but it will be done.

Thank You!

The Grid has just been updated to support ‘Developer’ column.

This column shows chosen Alias or First and Last name of a system developer. It is available only for registered users and it is hidden by default.

By clicking on a ‘wrench’ icon, you can find it in the ‘Hidden’ list and by clicking on a [+] icon, you can include it in the grid view. Confirm by clicking on the ‘Go’ button in the lower part of that window.

Now that you have ‘Developer’ column, you can view, search and sort by it.