New Payoff Matrix and Backward Induction coupons


I haven’t put out a coupon in some time. Here’s a coupon for Payoff Matrix and Backward Induction. Feel free to use one or both. Both of these coupons are good for March only meaning today and tomorrow. They will be expired on April 1st. You are interested, please use the coupons today or tomorrow before March 31st at midnight. Both these coupons will afford you one month free of any charge.

If you have any questions, send me a private message.

Who this coupon is NOT for:
-current investors
-if you have a strategy you charge for

If you’ve used a coupon in the past for Payoff Matrix, feel free to use this coupon again.



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How come pre TOS avg contact traded was 3 (between 2-5) . After TOS all trades were 1 contract only?

Adjusted for volatility. Nothing to do with TOS. I’m looking forward to taking the 3/4 contract trades again but need the risk to come down first. The same price I was getting for 3/4 contracts before I was able to risk $500 to $1000. I’m not able to get that price on 4 contracts right now based on where stops are. It’s much easier to manage and profit off 4 contracts as I can scale out so that is my preference. I’m just not going crazy on the risk so it’s something I have to wait out. I’ve been trying to price 2 contracts lately and the risk is definitely coming down from February but is still elevated.

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Just a reminder that these free coupons for Payoff Matrix and Backward Induction expire tonight at midnight.


I’ll put these coupons out again. I put them out Easter weekend and some may have missed it. Here are two coupons. These afford you one free month to either Payoff Matrix or Backward Induction or both. Feel free to use both if you’d like. If you’ve used a coupon before and were not an investor in the last 30 days feel free to use these coupons again. These two coupons allow you to try both strategies at a cost of $0.00 free for 1 month.

-you were an investor of either strategy in the last 30 days
-you have a strategy you charge for

Payoff Matrix coupon: UGKE37232
Backward Induction coupon: UGGB82858

I’ll give them a little more time to expire. They both expire this Sunday 4/08/2018 at midnight New York time. Monday morning they are both expired at that point.

I may not put another coupon out for a while. I have investors ask about the coupons after they expire so this should offer plenty of time if you are indeed interested.

Send me a private message with any questions.

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Just a reminder that these two coupons for one month free expire Sunday night at midnight New York time. These are free coupons to Payoff Matrix and/or Backward induction. See the above post for details.

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