Nice fill :)

I know Matt is traveling today, but I make a notice anyway. Today none of the market orders work and limit orders get filled on the limit value no matter what the real value of the underlying is.

I accidentally put a stop loss order of 15015 for Dow futures in and it got filled! The correct number and fill should have been 10515…

So I guess Matt will have a few extra work when he comes back from holiday. Otherwise nice holidays for everyone!

Also, Fuel Matrix’s 2 very profitable trades are wrong fills, should I call them holiday presents??? :slight_smile:

HU was never lower than 1.2 and HO was never lower than 1.3 this month, nevertheless he got filled at .98 and .72 respectively.

I think if we notice an obviously incorrect fill we should notify Matt, even if the mistake helps us…

I have fixed the problems Peter mentioned. Thanks for pointing them out.

We consistently have “funny” stuff happening around holiday periods (when market hours are irregular). Each holiday, I add more and more code to prevent and fix these problems, but I’m always a step behind, it seems.

I have fixed the bad trades I know about. If you have one in your system, favorable or not, let me know. The good news is that Christmas, with all sorts of funky holiday hours, is just around the corner. Thus it will not long before I have an opportunity to see if the new “holiday error checking” code I wrote will prevent some of these problems from happening in the future.