VTL-Dynamic (76896970)

Why no fill today? LMT 1.29015 (ID 77799861)

it was possible for hours!

Thank you, but what was the problem? Why did C2 confirm the fill 7 hours later?

Hi, Vu:

Sorry about that. We had a problem with our trading-time calendar caused by the US national holiday yesterday. The problem is fixed and orders will be backfilled.

Again, I apologize.


Hi Matthew!

Signal ID 77794753 on my system was erroneously filled because of that issue as well. Please cancel trade (no actual fills). Thank you.


Mathew RPH had a fill after hours today that should not have been. My order to buy TZA should be filled Monday morning on the open.


Still not fixed Mathew. I understand this is a holiday and you may be taking the weekend off. I work Monday. If it is not fixed by Monday evening is there a chance of getting it fixed then?


I believe I fixed this on Friday, Richard. I don’t see any additional Friday executions in your system that still need to be reversed, but if I’m wrong, let me know the exact symbol, whether a buy or sell, and the exact trade date/time which you think is erroneous and which needs to be reversed.


This is done. Note that if you entered a market order which was erroneously filled, and now is rolled back, you’ll need to re-enter it again.