Hello there

I’m enjoying using Ninjatrader to develop strategies. I’ve been using Opentick’s free data, but seem unable to generate live signals to Collective2. This could be due to a set up error on my part, but may also be due to Opentick’s free package data limitations.

Could anybody recommend an alternate good value data vendor which integrates with Ninja and C2? Or even better, has somebody been able to use Opentick to power Ninja/C2 succesfully?

I’m looking to trade futures, stocks and forex.


Ben Heaton[LINKSYSTEM_29442126]

Does anybody know if it is possible to use Opentick as the data vendor with Ninjatrader, and succesfully generate automated trading signals for C2? This is the setup i have currently and have not been able to generate any actions.

Alternatively, any suggestion of a good data vendor would be much appreciated. I want to trade futures, stocks and forex.


Ben Heaton


consider using ampfutures

their feed is much better (faster) then opentick :slight_smile: