Not receiving emails for Signals

I subscribed to “Just for Forex” strategy as a Paid Member (around $220/Monthly).
However I am not receiving emails for their signals. I am receiving other emails from C2 such as simulation update, strategy subscription, etc.

I already sent a note to the help desk one day ago. No response from them either.

Being a pad subscriber, signals are important for me as I don’t use the auto trade feature.

Anyone else experience the same ?

I am not having any errors but not using that strategy either. Have you already attempted changing your email settings? Username in top right >“General account settings” > “Emails” > “Emails for Buy/Sell Trading Signals” > manipulate how you want them.

You might want to try text messages for trade signals.

They seem to be faster than getting emails for signals.

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Thanks both of you.
the check box was not enabled (one Charles mentioned) , So I enabled it. I will keep watching.
I will try to enable text messages too.
If you cold tell me where to enable text messages, it’s highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot

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I know for me I use text by using an alternate email address that is “my phone number”@“my carrier specific address” then make sure that in the email section of C2 enable SMS if you want to change the format to be more text message friendly.

Charles is correct on how to set up text messages for trade signals.

You can find it by first going to General Account Settings, then Emails, then look for Alternate Email. That’s where you enter your cell phone number in the carrier specific format.

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Hi Dineth - We responded to your ticket. Please see the email from our Help Desk and we’ll work with you to get this resolved asap.

Hi, My issue has been resolved. It’s working as expected now. Thanks everyone.

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