Number of Subscribers

My earlier suggestion below in quotation, is ammended where it says amended

"What I’m suggesting would not name the trading systems. The only thing that it would say is:

The Top 20 systems by number of subscribers has: 10 - 30 subscribers.

The Lowest 20 systems by number of subscribers has: 0 - 3 subscribers."

That’s the info I’m requesting for system owners.

What do you say Matthew. Can you add this?

AMENDED: I amend that systems that do not have at least one subscriber should be excluded. Therefore, where it says above: “The Lowest 20 systems…”, the lowest number would not be 0, but instead be 1.

Example: The Lowest 20 systems by number of subscribers has: 1-3 subscribers.

Systems with less than 1 subscriber are excluded.

Related to my earlier post (9/11/05, 11:03am) with regard to showing a number for amount of system subscribers (without naming systems), if system vendors beleive that the subscription number can be increased, and have suggestions for increasing the number of system subscribers, they can either post their suggestion on this board, or send the suggestion to Matthew by email.

I will look into adding a feature like this. -MK