Option Spread Entry


Is there a way to setup option spreads on the ‘enter new order’ page? Apologies if I missed it. Also, since my strategy involves selling option spreads, one leg of my trade will always lose and the other will win (hence my historical 50% # profitable trades stat). Given this is intentional, is there any way to modify my stats to more accurately represent my # profitable rate?

Thank you for your time.



There is currently no way to enter any complex option trades as one entry. I discussed this with Matthew several months ago, but it has been on hold.

Also, since C2 is only set up for simple option strategies, I don’t see how they could modify your trading stats since the legs of the iron condors you trade are not matched.


Thanks Jim. Hopefully this will change in the near future. Agreed regarding unmatched iron condors, but even tracking a spread as a "win" vs. 1 win and 1 loss would improve my results significantly.[LINKSYSTEM_66708429]