Monthly Performance

Is there a way to see a monthly performance table ala hedge fund presentation?

Not yet, but that’s a great suggestion. Let me see what I can do.

Thanks for implementing my suggestion, exactly what I had in minnd.

Very nice monthly stats feature you implemented Matthew.

Question: is there a reason the new case slippage feature toggles in and out of extreme stats (see mine)? Perhaps this will be self-correcting with the next update, so if I am jumping ahead, I apologize.

Also what is on the table (if anything) regarding a method to help those of us that write covered calls and use spread trading? Seems if call options are sold against an equal amount of stock (covered call) this could be inputed as such and the total trade reflected in stats as either a winner or loser (not one of each for what may equal a total profit).

Simple spread trades could be implemented as such, too. That way instead of stats saying 45-50% win/loss ratio, 85-90% winners could be matriculated throughout C2 's statistics so prospective customers can accurately compare systems. I haven’t done enough study, but other important stats are affected?


FYI - like this new feature, too.


For Matthew Klein,

Please take a look at the items outlined in the previous post - namely fix my “case slippage” asap and provide your take on spread trade representaion at C2.

If I think the market will decline in the near-term and GOOG is at 645. I may opt to sell the WOTM (WAY-out-the-money) Dec07 750 calls GOQLJ at 4.80 (bid) - provided I am comfortable with placing this type of position on an individual stock vs the MUCH more diversified index plays.

To make this less of a risk to my portfolio and impact to margin requirements, I likely will BTO the Dec07 760 calls GOQLL at 3.90 (ask) - for a 0.90 credit spread.

To make this worthwhile I may transact 25 contracts.

So when all is said and done, both calls may entirely expire worthless - netting a tidy $2,250 profit. So what does C2 do? It reports the trade as (1) $12,000 winner and (1) $9,750 loser!

So the “losing” half of these extremely low risk trades will display to potential customers as a record of numerous extremely risky trades. Not only that, the typical subscriber will not dig deep into the stats and will stop just short of seeing a record of 45% Win %!

What if anything can be done about this?

While you are addressing these items, I’d like to again bring to your attention that my commission costs are averaging about $60 a trade. is this C2’s norm?




C2 estimates commission expense as $1.00 per option contract. This is in fact pretty low, and probably the best that most retail traders would ever find.

Regarding your spreads: When it comes to multi-legged spreads, C2’s leg-by-leg risk-assessment is not mathematically incorrect… it’s just not particularly useful or applicable in your system’s case.

I understand your concern: a trader generally thinks of a spread in its entirety, and it’s not very fair to report that one leg of a spread is high-risk, and one leg is low risk, when in fact the real risk is somewhere in between.

That said, I need to prioritize software development efforts, and this frankly is not the highest priority on the list. I have read your system’s description, and you make abundantly clear to prospective subscribers the limitations of C2’s single-trade-at-a-time risk assessment. For now, I’m afraid this will have to do. I hope to upgrade this aspect of the software someday, but I am unable to commit to a schedule for when this will be done.


Thank you for your response.

I may not be seeing things clearly, but I don’t think I’m averaging 60 contracts per trade. Do you? I will go back and do the math, but aside from an erroneous (my typo) of a QQQ trade of 500 contracts (in and very quickly out;) I’ve rarely gone above 50 - and that is with 300+ trades! I have gone 200 with FXI a few times, but again I don’t solely trade like this. Many stock and as small (re: covered call) contract trades. Just doesn’t add up.

And my “case slippage”? Jumped from 0% (seems accurate to me;) to some crazy number at the beginning of implementation, yet self-corrected. Now it is this insane number. Maybe it is me, but not very telling statistics.

Am I supposed to live with this or is there some tweaking that can be done.




from previous posts:

??? case slippage/commissions???