Options B&A spreads?


The above hypothecal trading is done by buying on the bid

and selling on the offer by the vendor.

This is hardlly doable with options except some etf’s and indexs

I was not able to duplicate thes trades sugested on 7/23

but executed near midpoint of the bid and offer(I trade with a large broker) onthat date.

Yesterday Pradeep closed his NUE trade @.88 for a $503 loss.

The opening B/O was .77/!.80

Nobody got .88 that day when i checked time and sales.

his loss would be more than double

His picks are generally good but the prices he executes are not always attainable



However… whenever someone is autotrading a C2 system, C2 changes the fill prices shown in the hypothetical track record to match the volume-weighted-average real-world fill price achieved by autotraders. So if you see a little “fiery red A” icon next to a trade signal, you can drill down by clicking to see which actual fill prices autotraders received.


when i click on the ""fiery red A" icon next to a trade signal of NUE

traded on 8/12 traded for .88 i get AGM sold for .88.

its obvious .this info is incorrect



why is that obviously incorrect?

now i’m more confused
are you aware that NUE and AGM are different stocks??

John: Let’s take this offline and communicate by email. I do think you may be a bit confused. But I’ll be happy to try to help you via email.

Hello John,

I traded manually at non-C2 compatible brokerages. I got a fill of .84 at both.

It is, however, the only trade CIS I entered this month, as the premiums for the others evaporated to “less than worth the risk” almost immediately.


I was looking and traded the sept NUE 49 call on that date which was closed @ 1.80



I aggree the trades were not worth the risk [LINKSYSTEM_67704097]

was looking at sept close at that price