Weekly SPY Options


Check out my new system using weekly options and the SPY. Young system, but doing well so far!

How long does everyone wait before advertising on C2 for there system? Is my system to young to be advertising in your guys opinion? Any success stories from advertising here?


Market is looking like it could pull back here.[LINKSYSTEM_68902631]

So, are you going to load up on weekly put options some time next week or you might have already loaded it ? Of course, it is not fair to ask this without subscribing, but just curious about it as I think you are obviously smart. I will find it intriguing if you had already loaded up and if you made a killing next week, I will have to take my hats off to you. Genius is the capacity to take pains.

I dont know what will happen next week, but I am watching, so I will know it when it happens. Thanks for sharing.

I dont know whether you really need advertising here (if you have a good system) but you do gain some exposure and also contribute to the site. Also C2 creates various lists of systems but a lot of developers complain that they do not find their system(s) there giving the impression that it is no longer hot any more which could backfire.

Personally I like the weekly gainers list but have to apply a filter visually (high water mark) and so it is prone to error. If your system makes it into that list, it will gain enormous exposure right there on the dashboard page. If your list makes it into the performance bonus list at YF (if you have funds at YF identified by a logo) or makes it into the list of funds that goes into the YF Index (15 of them), it will gain exposure.

Beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder, i.e., it is not subjective, it is objective. You really need an objective measure applied to a filtering process in the grid (with several criteria) to arrive at a list of systems you may find interesting to further research on and narrow it to further subscription(s). Google advertising which C2 also contributes by paying half; now that may be really worth it, but it seemed to be suspended (temporarily) now.


Check out my system, only pay $49 a month when profitable! I sold some calls and bought some puts. System is still young but doing well. What is YF?

YF is http://www.youtualfunds.com/ as C2 is www.collective2.com

Thanks. Interesting, that you sold calls. I remember that at C2, system developers used to get 100% Realism Factor for selling options, but when they bought options, they got really bad RF scores 20 - 40 range. May be they bought too many options at C2 before the price would have pushed up in real money trading which cannot happen here.


Is the weekly gainers list you mentioned, the same as the "Hot Systems" list or is it different?

If it is not I am not able to find it and I would appreciate a suggestion



Thats a pity. No it is not the same. On the dashboard page, go to the section on the right hand side below the featured system and below the tips section, you will find a section with 3 tabs: Autotraders, YoutualFunds and Gainers. Click on the Gainers tab and you will see the Gainers this week list. By default the tab is set to Autotraders (probably because C2 wants to promote autotrading). I wish the page would remember my setting. Hope this helps.

got it .

Many thanks