Options display not working properly

Mk, can you fix the feeding values for options , I notice not all of your options strike prices are working properly.

Can you give me a specific example of what you see, and which screen you see it on, so that I can understand the issue and try to resolve?

Check your SPY1116D134


current price , they should not be zero

I have noticed this same issue and emailed a bug report yesterday. Nothing has been fixed, still getting a zero price on this option, among others: VXX1116P27

I am looking into this issue. More shortly -

Tell me what strike, expiration and option type (put or call) you are trying to use.

Ok, I think the problem is solved. It may take a few minutes for your system page to get updated with recent prices, but if you don’t see it within a short time, let me know.


Now , we have another problem, the open p/l need to be update

properly mine should be + 9500 not -6500

thnx, now it’s all fix.

MK, can you check the open P/L calculator

its off by $1000 on my system it should be $10,286

not $9000