Another incorrect option code

Hi Matthew,

I have noticed another option code that has changed in the database but not in the system positions list. The system affected is [LINKSYSTEM_46575367] and the incorrect option code is KFF1221M80 which is showing a current price of zero.

That is the GLD Jan2012 80 put whose code has changed to GLD1221M80. The real current price as I write is about $2.

This is the same problem that I had with Jan 2012 QQQQ options in the Isonomy Turbo system last weekend which you fixed on Monday morning. To recap, the prefixes of some options changed last weekend to be consistent with the underlying. In the case QQQQ, the "WD" prefix changed to "QQQQ" and in this case the "KFF" prefix changed to "GLD".

Please can you fix this; apart from the zero price being wrong, at the moment I cannot close that position via the C2 order entry should I need to.



Symbol has been changed. Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks for the speedy response :slight_smile:

Hi Matthew,

This weekend some more option codes have changed. This time it’s TLT and SLV. The affected systems are Isonomy Plus (46575367) and Isonomy Turbo (46587362) again. In particular, Isonomy Turbo has been severely affected.

Please could you fix before market open on Monday as the changed symbols may cause autotrade to place false orders.

The codes in question are the following in Isonomy Plus:

ILT1019F94 changed to TLT1019F94 (TLT Jun 2010 $94 call)

and the following in Isonomy Turbo:

YMK1221M14 changed to SLV1221M14 (SLV Jan 2012 $14 put)

XUX1122A21 changed to SLV1122A21 (SLV Jan 2011 £21 call)

ILT1019R91 changed to TLT1019R91 (TLT Jun 2010 $91 put)

VJL1122A100 changed to TLT1122A100 (TLT Jan 2011 $100 call)

VJL1122M80 changed to TLT1122M80 (TLT Jan 2011 $80 put)

Excellent, I see that the option codes have been fixed!

However, the stats for [LINKSYSTEM_46587362] are still wrong. In particular, the chart shows a big spike down on Saturday and then back up again, and the drawdown figure is incorrect.

Please can you fix the stats as well?