Options on Futures at C2

Currently options on futures are not provided on C2.
Support told me that liquidity of some futures seems to be a problem.
But options on liquid Commodity Futures like CL or Bond Futures like ZB and Index Futures like ES should be available because at the moment I’m able to trade stock options with significantly worse liquidity than most options on futures.

Furthermore orders with more than one leg seem to be a problem for c2 but I just want to trade naked short Puts and Calls.

Is there a chance that c2 development will put implementation of options on futures on the agenda in near future?
I’m sure that more traders want to trade this instruments instead of workarounds with options on ETFs which are not available for all products.


I fully share your view. I don’t understand why Collective2 is not capable of ensuring the trading of options on futures. I don’t understand either why it is not possible to handle spreads. It shouldn’t be a big deal in terms of programming.


I fully support this. I’d really appreciate it to be able to trade Future options. You can trade them at Interactive Brokers, so why not in a C2 strategy?

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