Futures options

according to information on your web site, i should be able to trade futures options. however, my trade selection only shows stock/etf, futures, stock options, and forex. in contrast, when clicking common question “help with symbols” it shows futures options as well.

how can i place an order for futures options. what is their symbology?

thank you very much for your advice!


Unfortunately options on futures are not currently available on C2. I’ve been meaning to add them, but frankly the demand has been pretty low, and it would be a major project. I know this might not help you a lot, but you can currently use equity options, or options on any of the ETFs or indexes that currently trade on the major options exchanges.

Sorry for the confusuion.


oh, no problem… thanks a lot for your immediate response!

unfortunately, i was just looking for a paper trading service like yours, which makes performance public but can also handle futures options… :o(

does anyone know a service for my purposes??