Order Entry -


My system works with 2 order types :

1. OCO - that is where there is an open position and I need to work a target OCO a stop

2. CONTINGENT - That is where there is no position and there is an order to buy and another order to sell. If either or both orders are executed, there needs to be a corresponding stop OCO target for this position.

I have around 15-20 markets that deliver signals daily and there are a total of some 250-300 orders that go out daily. Normally speaking, this works well as we run institutional trading architecture and send out flat files in a specific format that the broker posts as they have the synced software to be able to do it.

My question to you guys is what is the best way for me to get this rolling through Collective2 as a system developer[LINKSYSTEM_86495479]

Matthew can you help please? [LINKSYSTEM_86495479]

Hi, Michael:

Sounds like you will want to use some automation to take care of this. We don’t have an Excel file upload feature (good suggestion, though). We do have a “Signal Entry API” which ought to be pretty easy to use with a little programming moxy. Take a look here:


If you have specific questions, let me know.