Order "Expired"

I had an order posted to be executed at 9:32 am today 3/10/2011. Everything was correct and it was a market order. The order was put in well before the 9:32 am execution time. It says it is "EXPIRED" how can that be?

Anyone having similar issues? I did report the problem but nothing so far…

Ah, it appears that what happened is that you entered this order yesterday evening at 16:54 PM ET, as a DAY order. You also specified that it should be parked until 9:30 AM ET this morning. So there is a bug here: even though you parked it until this morning, C2 said to itself: "This is a day order, and the system entered it at the end of the day, so it needs to expire when the market closes at 17:30.

I will need to get this fixed, but in the meantime, there is a simple workaround: make these orders GTC instead of DAY, and they won’t expire. Since this is a market order, it won’t matter that the orders don’t expire; they are guaranteed to be filled when the orders are unparked.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Got it Mathew. But can you fix today’s order atleast while you fix this bug… It messes up my system performance otherwise.