Expired Orders


For my OS Long Only 2 system, I entered 2 limit orders on Friday that should have expired at days end. I see in the "Recent Trade Signals" that they expired on Saturday at 8:30 EST. These were "Day" orders, not "GTC".

There have been numerous cases (in my system) where orders should have expired at days end, but C2 showed the orders being filled in the extended period.

Why are the orders not expiring when the normal market closes at 16:00 EST? Am I doing something wrong during order entry?

Thank you


Are you looking into this?

Am I misunderstanding something about a "day" order when trading stocks?

You are not misunderstanding anything.

Now, the fact that a Friday day order was labeled on your screen as expired as of Saturday is not terribly alarming to me (it is a display issue we will need to fix, of course, but it did not affect any trading or performance).

Of more concern to me is your statement that there have been DAY orders which did not expire at the end of a given week day. It would be helpful if you could email me the next time you see this happen, with the specific signal ID, so that I can investigate.



Thank you for your reply.

This expiration issue has happened 3 times to my system in the last 2 months. I issued trouble tickets for all three as soon as I noticed them. Two of the orders were reversed by your admistrator. At this time, I have not received any notification on the 3rd trouble ticket (Signal ID 55508193).

I brought up the Saturday "Display issue" here, because it seemed similar to the previous 3 expiration issues. Since an order was not filled, I could not submit a trouble ticket.