P/L column in Current Positions


I have a suggestion. In the Current Positions section of the Trade page, in case of a forex system, a column “P/L” is seen.

The P/L column shows the amount of P&L in pips of the traded pair. However, aside from the number of pips, it would be useful to show another column which could be called “P/L [USD]” or “$ P/L” and show the P&L of the open position expressed in dollars (or another currency, based on user’s preference, if needed).

Seeing an absolute value of the P&L is an important part of risk management. While one position might show +50 pips and another -50 pips, the pips are really relevant only to the pair being traded. However, when looking at what’s the open P&L, having an apples-with-apples comparison is definitely needed.


Trendy Bendy