Forex: System evaluation


I would appreciate if the system-performance of Forex trading systems could be broken down to the currency pairs traded. This would enable the trader to see how successful a system is for a single currency.

In addition, a Pip/Trade analysis would help to see what the trader can expect as an average return per trade.

I hope I made the point clear enough. I am especially aiming at those systems that are trading multiple currencies AND trading a lot, which makes it quite difficult/time consuming to scan through the performance reports and collect the neccessary information (ie the exact P/L of each currency pair traded).

Comments on this are welcome.

Thank you

Jean Marc

There is already a feature to "Show forex trades as pips" (i.e. removes the effect of trade quantity). Look at the area above the trade-by-trade details that says: "What this page displays."

Hi Matthew

Total p/l in pips would be great.

Or total p/l and current and last month p/l all in pips.

And the greatest service: monthly table of p/l in pips.

Is it possible?

I’ll see what I can do.

Great, I did not see that detail (show forex trades as pips). I just did not notice that this feature already exists.

So the only thing missing would be an easy to read per currency summary of the forex systems.


Jean Marc