Percentage stops and limits

As I asked once upon a time, I am asking again the following (using an example)

Buy to open at market the Dow Jones future.

When bought, (conditional to open)

1) Sell to close at stop 0.48%

2) Sell to close at limit 0.6%

The Matthew machines should do the rest of the work.

This could avoid a lot of work for us, because when inserting the order we DO NOT KNOW the price.

So we shall wait for the price (that not always is quickly disposable) and then calculate the loss and the profit, inserting them asap.

Asap can be dangerous, because in the meanwhile the stop loss could be reached and we will find ourselves without protection.

This is specially meaningful for instruments that will be updated after many minutes. Three times we was out of the stop loss wit the crude oil future, creating so a discrepancy between the evidences of Collective2 and our internal systems.

Many thanks and regards.


I kindly agree with this suggestion. My system enters the market via a market order… then I have to immediately place my bracket order around the entry once I get the fill price. Adding this feature to the order entry page would be a great help.

I realize limited resources and time for this type of web programming, but it definitely has my vote for future upgrades.