Set limit entry based on open price

This is a cool feature that I was unaware of, and I was wondering if it is possible to use a percentage movement from the open (e.g., look for a 1% pullback from the open to enter a trade).

One can do it with absolute amounts using "O - 0.50" but could one also do "O * 0.99"?


Hi, Kevin -

Percentages (or multiplication) are not currently supported. But it may be possible to add them. I can’t commit to an exact time that project might be done, however. For now, I’ll add it to the Wish List.

That would be great. It just makes sense - a $0.50 move below the open for AAPL or GOOG is meaningless versus one for a $5 or $10 stock. Also, many system developers use percentage moves to trigger entries rather than absolute moves. I would guess that the math is just as easy to do (subtraction versus multiplication for an algorithm are both trivial operations).