Phishing attempt

I received this message below. It appears to be a phishing attempt but it has a correct name and my details correct. They wanted me to provide power of attorney just to collect fees but that requires SEC regulation which Collective2 does not have. The email was also sent from a different domain to collective2:

Dear Andrew,

Please be advised that in order add Gen3 Autotrading to your new FXCM UK account, you will need to complete and return to our office the attached FXCM UK Letter of Direction.

Once your account has been funded with a minimum of $2000 dollars, we will initiate the Letter of Direction. Feel free to contact me with any questions and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Best regards,

Melissa Karty

Trade Automation Services

Ph +1.914.610.3979 ext 103

Fax +1.646.559.6031

Wallwood TAS LOD.pdf Wallwood TAS LOD.pdf

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Hi, Andrew:

Melissa is my employee and works for Trade Automation, a company that is a corporate affiliate of Collective2 LLC. Due to the different regulations across different regions, we are forced to use separate corporate structures for different types of business.

Since you are trading forex, and are in Europe, trading through a European broker, the SEC is not applicable here.

Trade Automation acts as an introducer for our European customers who want to trade at European broker. Some brokers require us to use introducers; some do not. Yours does.

I’ll have Melissa reach out to you again to clear up any misunderstandings.

I apologize for the confusion.