When I tried to login I had to confirm my account settings via an email. Part of that email was this:

"If you own the Collective2 account associated with email address <my email address> and set your password as:

<my password>

then click the link below:


(If not, then please ignore this email.)"

It is the "if not" part that made me think. Because, if not, then you just sent my username + password to a stranger. And I don not see why it is necessary to email my own password to me. Or did this mail not come from you?

And I just noted that Tradebullet was unable to connect to C2 with the account that I had not yet confirmed. I don’t know if this is coincidence. If this is caused by the confirmation request, then it is really unfortunate because my idea of autotrading is that I can go away for a few days without the obligation to login to C2 every day. BTW, I don’t see the need to check the activity of an account if someone is posting daily and his autotrade software confirms fills.