Please share your thoughts on this strategy

I ask the developer how the buy and sell signals are generated as well as stop losses. I ask for your thoughts in all do respect to this developer. He has been great at communication and his strategy Smart Money Trends has done well. So this was his response. Its different from what I normally get and that is why I would like to hear your thoughts on if you would subscribe to this and use real money. Helo GREGGL
2017-10-14 06:04:49 GMT–5

This is a manual system, but it’s based on a quantitative algorithm. I use the algorithm as a tool to find ideas and pick stock, but I ultimately make all buy and sell decisions, as well as portfolio construction based on qualitative considerations.
2017-10-14 06:06:39 GMT–5

I put a lot of attention on general market and sector trends when making these decisions. I’m an economist focused on financial research, so I work in this area but I dont trade full time.
2017-10-14 06:08:08 GMT–5

Stop loss is based on global market considerations as well as specific position risk. I generally wouldn’t allow for losses bigger than 1000 in a single trade. That said, I don’t decide stop loss ex-ante, because I evaluate risk at the overall portfolio level.
2017-10-14 06:09:27 GMT–5

This is an article on Seeking Alpha explaining my quantitative system. Then again, I don’t automatically replicate the system