The Five No System

This is my stratety: The Five No System: “No martingale, no grid, no hedging, no scalping and no dangerous elements of Money Management.” Trading Symbols: Only Futures
Every trade is protected by stop-loss, as you see, I never keep the losing postiong than 2% DD, not like others, the DownDraw of one trade is more than 20%. that’s risk. So do you agree that. think about my strategy.

Congrats on your success after June 20th. I see you have a bunch of prior systems and some that were private that kind of failed. I would recommend making them all public. Looks like you’ve done a good job letting winners run and stopping out losses since June 20th.

Is your system automated or completely manual trading? What do you look for? An explanation of the system parameters outside of just risk controls always helps investors.

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It’s manual trading. and the system trade in master trend, let profit run, and stop loss when it’s wrong. maybe the wining rate is low, you can see a bunch of small losing trading history, but then a large profit trading history, that 's how I trade and what I 'm looking for