Positive Forex...?


Have you been in touch at all with Mikhail from Positive Forex ??

Is this guy Alive?

My only hope is that most subscribers are aware that this system has reached the point of no return.

Positive Forex

5/12/2006 (66 weeks ago)

System developer mikhail nasonov (Private Msg)

(Last login to C2: 8/10/07 5:31)

Vendor had since grown account to over $450,000 with 100% RF.

Is currently in 40% DD:

Max Drawdown 39.51% (20070723 to 20070815)

It’s “Crowd Opinion” (and subscriber count) was high up 'til this month.

Viewed 25,076 times

Tracked by 517 My Analyst pages

With commentary: 23

No doubt many were caught off-guard - with many more just waiting to come to the realization that vendor is MIA.

So are subscriber funds.

This was as cash-cow for C2 and mikhail for a 1.75 yr Fund.

To all subscribers…