Message to Gilbert

I would have replied to your original message in the ‘market corrections’ thread but it has since been closed. As you are so keen on highlighting the apparent demise of others systems I thought you might like a little update after your reading of the last rites in your critique of my systems a few weeks ago.

Since your observations Broadsword Forex has increased from $110k to $160k, and I might add it was done without adding any positions, just a rally in the existing ones. Under Best Systems ‘Forex’ it is currently ranked 7th, of long-term forex systems it is 1st. Under ‘Very Tradable’ long-term it is 5th, and under ‘Old and Respected’ (one of my favourites and a list I suspect you will never grace), it is 14th, and incidentally is one of 3 systems I have in that list.

Given your observations on my own funds uncannily coincided with the absolute bottom, and your own fund’s subsequent demise culminating in a staggering 40% drop in equity in one day, I wondered if you ever considered adopting a contrarian strategy.

Just an observation… as you would say.

Funny Jon,

But congrats on your achievements and you should be proud. I should be shamed, but I left a well enough trail to clarify what is going on with me and my fund management.

You have to admit from the amount of systems you have that there is a bit of a learning curve, but ultimately what we want as vendors is to provide value which I still feel I am able to offer - in time.

Good luck going forward and now I am going to see exactly what I pointed out about your system that you seem to have shored up. 50% DD is nothing right? LOL I’m speaking of me, of course!

Yours Truly,