Question of returns

Which is more attractive?

50% Annually at 2% drawdown or 40% monthly at 10% drawdown?

For how long? Are we talking a 12 month period or 5 years? At 5 years you turn 10,000 into over a trillion (before tax) with the 40% a month, Iā€™d love to be the first trillionaire.


For at least five years.

Evidently 40% monthly and 10% dd. Cause with decreased leverage it will be 8% monthly with 2% dd, which is 150% annually.

But I foresee that it will be 2-3 months of 40% and then 40-50% dd. Optimistic view though.


Making 50% a year is the equivalent of making 3.4365% a month, assuming profits are always re-invested.