Questions before ending test period and going live

First I must say that C2 has been very helpful in getting me through setup with brokers, Ninja Trader and C2. And they have also been the most accurate in information about the links work. So thanks to C2

When I erase all trades in test, will it restore my capital back to what I originally specified as well?

What does ITM (the link) mean?

In Trading Constraints do questions 1 and 2 refer to the amount of capital needed for the margin requirement to hold the position?



Yes, if you have a test system and you reset it, your original capital is restored.

The FAQ page ( has a link describing ITM (Instant Trade Messenger). It’s a fast web-based messaging technology to allows subscribers who choose not to autotrade to receive signals quickly. You can learn more here:

Finally, in the Automated Trading Constraints configuration, the “capital requirements” for futures does refer to margin required plus or minus the equity of the trade. In other words, it includes both margin and open loss (or gain) of the position.


Thanks Matthew.