What's wrong?

Hi admin, I opened a trade (eur/cad - trade# 28573870) yesterday and today I realized it was somehow automatically closed with a profit of 94$, I couldn’t believe it, then I checked and figured out that I set my target profit and stop loss incorrectly. It’s pretty weird as I’m sure that I double checked everything before I sent my order. So, I just wanna know whether you can restore my trade, please let me know, thanks.

No. C2 displays the results of the exact trades you enter. Not the trades you want to enter. Not the trades you think you should have entered. Not the trades you swear you meant to enter.

If you had subscribers AutoTrading your system, and you mis-entered a trade, and lost money, how would we “restore” their accounts?

Think of C2 like a broker. You don’t call your broker and ask to restore the trade you meant to enter. Same here.

Yup I see. by the way, I’m really impressive with your quick respond. thanks for that.