Questions on forex

  1. MBTrading is not supported?

    2. What lot sizes are supported/assumed?

    3. If I want to track real money results will I have to pay the surcharge per every trade executed?

  1. MBTrading is currently supported by Gen1 AutoTrading (the TradeBullet client software supports it). We will soon be adding Gen3 compatibility for MBTrading.

    2. Each C2 lot is 10,000 currency units.

    3. You can Autotrade using Gen3 technology, where you are charged a forex execution fee of $1 per minilot round-turn, or you can use a Gen1 broker and not have the execution fee.


Hi Matthew,

When you say: “We will soon be adding Gen3 compatibility for MBTrading”, does that include stocks and if so will there be any fees or surcharges to MBT’s low standard commission?



It will include stocks and there will be no auto-execution fees for stocks.

That sounds to me almost like revolutionary good news for both subscribers and developers of stock trading systems.

Congratulations Matthew for your achievements and efforts.

I have to partially correct myself - I forgot about the high minimum commission at MBT - $4.95 vs. $1.00 at IB - still a vast improvement over OX’s minimum fee of $9.95. So it seems to me for most stock systems on C2 IB is still superior unless one trades very large quantities per single trade and therefore can take advantage of MBT’s flat fee or one absolutely needs to have Gen3 technology.

Will we ever see Gen3 technology for IB?