Rescale my system

Ok i have new nice stocks system - THING BIG

june was 6% up (hope its not too much sexy…)

I trade with $1;000,000
Starting Unit Size is - 25000

I know that my future costumers can scale down till 0.01 so can trade with 1/100 shares.

By the way - can they scale also up? so if I have 100 shares buying they trade 1,000 or 10,000 ?

but my main question is does it important for my to scale down my system to 100,000 or less.

I understand that people like to trade 1:1 and not deal with scaling.
they could feel bad or sad when I make 5000 gains daily and they make 50

but does it really matter if I scale my system or the custumers does it.