[New Trader] Account Scaling & Position Sizing

I’ve been working on a strategy in my personal account for about a year now and I would like to start up a trader account here to offer signals. My question is about how C2 handles different position sizes. I haven’t found the documentation on it so apologies if I missed it.

My strategy could be traded with a $20k account, but I trade it with $60k. How do I make trades in my account signal to C2 to scale it down for smaller accounts? If I bought 8 options contracts, I would expect a $20k account to purchase 2 (8/3 rounded down). Thanks for the help!

Collective2 has some documents on that subject, this one for instance.
Hope this helps.

Ok thanks for that! So I set a minimum account value to 20k and the model account value to 60k and then investors adjust their percentage as they need? Sounds easy enough.

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It is my understanding that Collective2 subscribers can scale down or up as they see fit, within a certain limit, up to 500% I believe.