Reviews…what are they good for, absolutely nothing

Very noble of C2 allowing reviews, but the question is this required by law or simply voluntary as it’s equivalent to self sabotage for the site. Bad reviews cost the site and leader money. Some reviews may be legit while others are bogus created by other leaders. At minimum there should be a rebuttal feature.

It’s like asking Amazon or Ebay to remove all the negative reviews (but keep the positive ones) from their websites, because they are “bad” for their business.

Come on Kinetic, are you serious or just having a bad trading day?

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No I had a good day I think I was up like 3% or something, just a legitimate question. I work really hard put in thousands of hours and I lose 40% of my subs due to a two star review. Can’t I have an opportunity to respond?

Don’t worry about some 2-star review, keep making above average return with limited risk and you will do just fine.

By the way, the amount of time traders spend on their trading screen has absolutely nothing to do with profit.

This idea that we need to be glued to our trading screen all day to make money is total rubbish.

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I don’t think other trade leaders can leave reviews, unless they are subscribed for your system. Even then it is not voluntary, but C2 chooses when and if sub can make it.

But I think these reviews are meaningless. They are highly correlated to the equity curve: it goes up - reviews are 5+, it goes down - reviews are 1-.

I didn’t check but I think Ark systems review will follow these simple rules.

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I actually don’t think the reviews serve C2 any benefit at all - other than perhaps transparency. Most of the positive reviews come just at the wrong time, when the system is just about to crash, and so C2 has a permanent record of having failed many aspiring investors. Reviews can also be easily manipulated.

I wouldnt say they’re worthless. It all depends on the reviewer. Most are ‘current’ status updates but the gems are from longtime users of the system that appreciate risk-management and can accurately gauge the system’s strength. I always enjoy reading those reviews. Real Info.


Totally agree with that, BlackOpzFX2. Just like reviews anywhere, there is a lot of noise but the thoughtful, well-written ones are worth reading. It’s also another way to find systems that you may have otherwise overlooked.