Risk Management - Fixed Fractional & Starting Capital


I’m considering deploying my strategies here. From what I’ve read, subscribers gravitate towards highly leveraged strategies while the C2 star strategies languish.

An alternative approach to this is fixed fractional position sizing. Risk is known before each trade but is restricted to a percentage of total account size. This can build compounding returns in to a good strategy when executed properly.

Does the platform allow this? My concern is that if returns compound and grow the account from 50k to 100k, will new subscribers be forced to have 100k, or is there a way I can scale back the number of shares/contracts per signal to accommodate subscribers having just started?

Your subs can set their individual scaling (ie, position into 25% of the size of your trades). You also have the option to rescale your entire strategy if you feel your equity size has become too large.

This C2 article will give you more details about scaling:

The maximum is 500% (for traders with deep pockets).