Risk management

Is there any risk management tool or service at retail level within IB (futures) where an account owner can manage the account risk independent of the 3rd party trader!
Let me explain
The functionality I am looking for is>

  • Lets say a 3rd party trader is going to trade my futures account under a LPOA via his api LINKED TO MY IB account.

Lets say account has 10,000 in it and I want "ALL positions closed IF net liquidity goes down to a pre determined level " say 9200

I call it “Global Stop loss level”

  • If this stop loss is hit then I want The account to be halted so no new trades can be placed without me authorizing it

  • If such facility is available how would it work with slippage

  • If such facility is available how would it work in case of a black swan event.

  • The positions may go overnight not just day trading.

  • I want to set this GSL independent of the trader and the trader should not be able to change it. somewhat similar to this FXCM tool

  • Can I restrict the account so that it only trades one specific instrument in this case ES futures and trader by accident can’t trade anything else.

  • I want this feature as set and forget so I dont have to watch what the trader is doing 24/6

Hi MIkeJoga - There is nothing exactly like what you are looking for. However, there is something in the same ballpark: the Friends-and-Family interface contains a finer level of risk controls than the standard AutoTrade interface. Plus, as an extra benefit, you can oversee accounts of friends or family members, too – using the same portfolios and risk levels that you use.

(Just a reminder that the Friends and Family program has restrictions to help you comply with federal and state laws; e.g. limited number of linked accounts, and prohibition of using the platform for compensation.)

Collective2’s Friends and Family program is a still “beta experience,” but if you’re feeling adventurous, check it out.

Hi Mathew

The situation is I am the funder not a trader so the account is on my name and I will have various traders trading these accounts

So the role is revers of what F& F you describe

1 trader trader access to my 1 A/c and I want to have my own risk management that can’t be changed by trader

Where as If I understand it correctly your tool is like this

I trade 4-5 accounts and I manage the risk?

I am not sure I understand

Could you please explain