IB Futures Gen3 AutoTrading Now Available

Dear C2 Users,

We are ready to start accepting accounts for AutoTrading Futures systems at Interactive Brokers. Please note we can support accounts with only Futures enabled. If you have an existing IB account with stocks or options enabled, you can easily open a new second account from your IB account management screen. Forex AutoTrading is not supported at this time. Contact BulldogFX for details if you are interested at admin at bulldogfx dot com.

- Melissa

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Great news, you just made a bunch of traders very happy!

Guessing financial adviser accounts are not supported – are there plans to support them in the future?

Also is this now supported for Trades Own System?



OK great news! Two questions: are you saying that an IB customer can only trade C2 futures systems; or that the IB account itself must ONLY be futures-enabled?

2nd question: any ETA for forex and stocks at IB/Gen3?

That’s a real disappointment, actually. IB is good for stocks and ETF trading, not futures. PFG in particular is way cheaper for futures, and more scalable. You’ve enabled it for futures but I would have been looking at using it for stocks.


Even if it is only for futures at this time I feel so much safer having most of my funds at IB, in fact, futures was my main concern since stocks and forex (I decided not to touch options anymore) can be handled via TB at IB, though not perfectly, but usually without causing great damage.

I just hope that it will be smooth sailing right from the start.


I’m not seeing the option to turn it on … anyone else see it? Looks like the settings aren’t updated yet.

Perhaps we can get some answers. I’d also like to know what happens if I select a fund that trades futures but ocassionally also trades forex…will the trades just not go through, or will it blow up, or will IB cut off the account…or? Thank you C2!!!

David -

Because we’re “soft-launching” this, a few accounts at a time, you need to contact Melissa (at admin at bulldogfx dot com) if you want her to get your IB Gen3 account set up.

Mark -

If your AutoTrade is set up only for futures (and not forex) then, in cases where a system does trade forex, those trades will not be sent to your account.

Dear Dave,

Financial advisor accounts are not supported. AutoTrading is available in individual account (no allocations).

And yes, the C2’s TOS Program is available through IB!

- Melissa

Dear Mark,

Your IB account must be enabled for Futures only. If for any reason it is approved for anything else or a mix of Futures and another trading instrument, the account will not be eligible for AutoTrading.

Like Matthew mentioned in an earlier post, if you select a system that does ‘mostly Futures, sometimes Stock’, only Futures positions will be executed in your account.

Forex and Stocks are not supported at this time and I do not have an ETA for them.

- Melissa

Thanks for the clarification – I misunderstood her post as contact her if you wanted forex at IB.