S&P 500 20 year chart

I thought this was interesting to look at.
The last 2 bear markets lasted appx. 1.5 years.
I’m not saying we’ve seen the top yet, but it is amazing how far above the last 2 tops we are.

23 years! And if you plot it in log space (instead of a linear Y-axis), it’s a bit less impressive, and more rational. In particular, the slope of the price curve reflects the rate of price rise (ie, CAGR). So the rate of rise from 1995-2000 significantly bests any five-year period after that.


And if you take it back to 1985… well, our current high doesn’t look so ridiculous after all, looking only at the price of the index. Even if you back up from the overly exuberant late 90s a bit, the current run from 2009 to date is no faster a percentage rise than the run from the mid-80s to the mid-90s.

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Thanx v1Trader! Great charts, great info…