Scaling Down

I want to scale down my account to $10,000. You sent me this message: “Choose the “rescale” option under the orange ADMIN menu on your system page.” I’ve spent the last hour trying to find which of my system pages this is on. I am really fed up with the incredibly bad navigation system you have here and I can’t even see a chart of where the balance is, how much I just gained or lost (like you can on FXCM). Please direct me step by step to the page I need.

It’s not that difficult:

1. Make sure you’re logged in

2. Click on “Return home” in the upper left corner of the screen

3. Click on the magnifier icon in the table “My systems” that appears in the middle of screen

4. You can find the “Admin” menu next to “Trade”, “Email friend” and “Open ITM” almost at the top of the page (color = orange)

5. If you move the mouse pointer over the word “Admin”, you can see a range of menu options, of which the last one is “kill”. The one right above it is “rescale system”.