Secrets they Don't Want You to Know

The Biggest Investment Secrets Major Brokerage Firms Don’t Want You To Know! The secret is out! Major brokerage firms have failed to be as fair and open with their “cherished” retail clients as they should. Major brokerages have also, as a general policy, withheld from you the investment that studies have repeatedly shown, can potentially increase performance and reduce risk in an overall portfolio

This from the website of one of the C2 advertisers. Everytime a broker or system provider starts out this way, this seems their way of saying "hello, uninformed new traders!!! Come here to get robbed!!! Endorsed by the law firm of ‘Dewey, Cheatum & Howe’ " (borrowed from the 3 Stooges)


Please forgive me if I’m not outraged by the companies advertising on C2. I don’t have the time or inclination (or desire, frankly) to police advertising unless its clearly fraudulent.

I rely on the good sense of the people here on C2. If a person is already on this site, he probably is more likely to treat performance claims skeptically and to do due diligence before spending any money on products.


This is not a knock on you or C2; you have every right to monetize C2, and this is an excellent way to do it.

The comment is a general observation about some of the hype and lures used by those in the investment industry to pull in the less informed. "Testimonials," promoting seasonal trading like heating oil or writing/selling options, and the possibility of high returns from leveraged trading are other come-ons used to trick newer traders…

The nice thing about C2, is that systems that come here are put under direct sunlight, so the reality of their claim can be measured.

Clearly, by accepting money from such advertisers, C2 is taking unfair advantage of their ignorance concerning those who see their adds here.

Go for it Matthew! :wink:

Well done, Donald… and you should be.

When I saw the title of this thread I expected it would be about women :frowning: