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Question about the C2 Distribution Network

how does a manager know his strategy isn’t being sold without his knowledge? what protections does a manager have? am I overlooking something incredibly obvious and simple? … thank you

Hello mark_straub,

Better not to think about it. There is no protection.

I will not be surprised if during the audit it turns out that under good strategies, third parties have opened funds worth several tens of millions of dollars. They (the strategy developer - trading leaders) here receive their $ 125 each month from each subscriber, but could receive at least a million a year (this is their auto-follower). But it’s better not to think about it. Take care of yourself. There is no protection of intellectual property. This is technically difficult to do.

Large funds can contact you - they will give you 5-10 million, but no one will guarantee that they will copy your trade at 100-200 million. Everything is based on trust, decency and professional ethics.


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Great question. How would we ever know? Would they have some sort of different ID, sub number or what? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I understand any protections would become less and less, the further away from C2 a strategy gets… my question was more about C2, how do we know when and how often C2 receives payment for our strategies? I want everyone involved to do well, just curious how we know… thanks

C2 has been around for a long time in a regulated space. If they were trying to skim subscription fees I strongly suspect it would have come to light long ago in many different ways. For instance:

Subscriber tries to open communication with trade leader, “Hello trade leader, I have been subscribing to your strategy for the past 6 months and I just don’t understand your recent trades.”

Trade Leader, “What? Who are you, I don’t see you in my subscriber list? How are you trading my system?”

C2, “Oops the entire skimming scheme has been uncovered, what should we do now?”

Basically, the open communication mechanics of the C2 site make this type of thing highly unlikely in my opinion. Additionally, since the fee structure is not percentage based, but is simply a flat rate large subscribers would have almost no incentive to participate in such a scheme and expose themselves to potential litigation. Why cheat when you can just pay $100/month and be 100% legit?


sorry for any confusion…I was referring to C2 strategies being sold by C2, outside of C2. In no way am I suggesting any wrongdoing; just curious about how trade leaders know?

C2 runs all the sites your are referring to. Essentially, these are white-labeled versions of C2. They are identical to C2’s software and C2’s web site, but with a broker’s name on it. Since C2 effectively runs all the web sites, with our software, we track who subscribes to what; we collect the payments; we make sure Strategy Managers get paid.

You asked “how trade leaders know” when someone subscribes? They “know” their strategies are subscribed to because… all subscriptions appear on their main subscription list, on C2, just like any other subscription. There’s nothing mysterious or complicated about this.


That is cool. What are the other websites? Is there a list of them that I am overlooking?

Because they’re white-labeled, I’m not able to promote them.

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