Sending a Warning through API to subscribers

Hello everyone

You can send a warning via the API to subscribers? for example, "today there are no signals on the DAX "… thanks


Here is the easiest way to send a message to your subscribers:

-Go to your system details page

-Click on the Admin tab

-Select "Broadcast message to subscribers" and follow the easy instructions.

Right. I can add to Igor’s post that there is currently no way to do this via an API call. I would love to know if any other C2 API developers would be interested in a broadcast-to-subscriber feature via the C2 API. Also, to the extent you feel comfortable publicly posting this information, what would you use this for?

Thanks - Matthew

Hi Matthew,

I have exactly the same requirement:

My servers generate C2 signals every (trading) day, always at the same time. Subscribers get used to it.

Then, some day no signals. Everybody is irritated. Severs down? Koch on holiday?

Would be great if my software could send an "empty" signal mail saying:

"all servers worked fine but generated no signals today"

… everybody relaxed.

Currently I broadcast a message to all subscribers. Hours after the "usual" time. But sometimes I am on holiday… :wink:

Exactly what I needed.

Thank you matthew and Rene