Set the scale?

Greetings all,

I am a newbie to C2. I order an auto trading system from C2 and use T68 and TWS to auto trade. When I select auto trade of this system, I set to trade 25% of the demo portfolio and also give the maximum $ for trade. So, if the system buy 100 shares, I should buy about 25 shares. But it only bought 7 shares. For other size of the orders, it also much smaller than 25%. It’s about 5%-7% of the demo orders. I don’t know how to adjust this.

Thank you!


Anyone know this? I reset the auto trade system. I only set to 25% of the demo portfolio and leave the maximum $ for trade to 0. I still have this problem, only trade 5-7% of the demo shares. What I should do about this ?