Setting a stop-limit order on C2


I apologize if the answer to my question is staring at me, but is it possible to place a stop-limit order on C2? Example: I want to short a stock but only between the limits of $32.76 and $32.10. When I place this order on my broker’s website, I can place a stop and limit on the same order screen.

Is that possible here?


No. We support only straight stops or straight limits.

The reason is that stop-limit orders are not native to all exchanges, but rather are “emulated” by some brokers (but not others) via broker-specific mechanisms. Since not all brokers can support this order type, we can’t assume that all subscribers can enter the orders. Thus C2 does not support the order type.


Almost 15 years after, it seems to me that almost every Broker has the Stop-Limit order option
It will be of great use !