Should every vendor receive a refund?

If the terms of service rule, then we are being overcharged.

2F. Listing Fees. In addition, we charge an Listing Fee for each trading system you offer and maintain on the Collective2 site. You will have a chance to experiment with the Collective2 site for a limited period of time before we ask you to pay the Listing Fee. You may choose not to pay the Listing Fee, in which case you will not be able to maintain your system on Collective2. We encourage vendors to maintain multiple trading systems on Collective2. Thus, we charge one amount for the first system you add, and a reduced amount for subsequent systems added within three months of the first system. Our Listing Fee schedule is:

First Trading System Added: $98 per six months

Trading systems added in next 1 month: $88 per six months

Listing Fees are paid up-front, and are non-refundable. This means that even if you stop maintaining your trading system, stop using our Web site, or "kill" your trading system, no portion of the listing fee is refundable. You may not transfer your listing fee from one system to another.